Which NHL Teams Need to Win Now?

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I came up with a quick list of 7 teams, six of which are in that “win now” position and one which needs to sell off assets at the deadline.


Sean Avery says:

The Sharks 100% in my opinion. All of their top guys are star players in their 30's-late 30's now. They also have some good young players as well now. They're also one of the teams that I like to cheer for.

packerd00 says:

The Capitals need to win know.

David McCalla says:

1. Caps

2. Sharks

3. Rangers

Deserthowler96 says:

I'd like to see Minnesota vs Washington in the finals I think both these teams are tired of having great seasons then getting kicked out In the first round

Deserthowler96 says:

oveckin needs a cup

Bailey says:

Video on Nyquists slash?

ScrubLawwddd YT says:

Only would like to comment on how I do not believe minnesota is in win now mode
Brodin – 23 Points 16 Games Played 43
Dumba – 22 Points 24 Games Played 54
Spurgeon – 27 Points 25 Games Played 50
Niederreiter – 24 Points 41 Games Played 54
Zucker – 25 Points 38 Games Played 54
Coyle – 24 Points 42 Games Played 54
Granlund – 24 Points 49 Games Played 54
Haula – 25 Points 18 Games 44 (Only Low Points bc moved to 3rd line due to Staal

Hell even some of these prospects / bottom 6 (Currently) have potential to be stars.

Graovac – 23
Oloffson – 22
Tuch – 20
Erikson Ek – 20

Compared to losing Koivu, Staal, Parise, Pominville (the last two have't even been producing this year anyway) and Suter who is backed up by a very skilled and young defensive group.

This is just what I think and I am completely aware that some of these players could flop or be traded away.

Pat K says:

I'm a new subscriber, almost every video I have watched I agreed with your opinion. Could you do a video on what teams like Buffalo, Carolina, Vancouver, New Jersey have to do in order to be back to the right direction. I'm a Vancouver fan and one of the only bright spots is Bo Horvat and I think they need to get more youth and spend the necessary time to develop them like Brock Boeser.

Not A Spider says:

I agree with the Sharks, but they have Nikolai Goldobin in the AHL who is doing great, and Timo Meier who played decent in a depth role for the Sharks this year, Wingles and Nieto were expendable. They also have Kevin LaBanc who I know you're aware of

Daniel Hansen says:

What about the blues? There must be some sort of pressure on Them too


Define forgot about Washington. Ovechkin is over 30 and if I remember correctly Alzner and Oshie are too. Plus they need to capitalize on Holtby while he's in his prime

jibathus says:

Getzlaf and Perry trade bait?! Never! They have to retire as Ducks. It would be wrong to see them play anywhere else.

We're definitely a win now team, we have been for a few years tbf. too many game 7 flops.

Expansion shouldn't be too damaging for us, so maybe next year.

jake alan says:

Marc Staal is 30

Sam Lowrey says:

I really don't think Minnesota wants to mess with team chemistry at the trade deadline. That being said, Fletcher has made some bonehead trade deadline moves in the past……ala, Moulson, David Jones. I hope they stand pat…….we've already got 4 lines that can play, defend and score.

SJFlamesFan says:

The Sharks have Mier, Donski and goldbon … i butcher their names but they have a few good guys in the minors!

SJFlamesFan says:

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volg20 says:

I actually think the rangers will be better in upcoming years than they are now. Their forwards are extremely young and will only get better in the next couple of years. Just the thought of that is scary. Guys like Buchnevich, Miller, and Zibanejad will become stars in the league. And on defense, they have McDonagh is 27, Brady Skjei is 22, they have a couple of potentially stellar defensive prospects in Sean Day (who despite criticism has had a breakout year in the ohl) and Sergey Zborovskiy, who are 18 and 19 years old respectively, in addition to possibly picking up Kevin Shattenkirk and signing him long term this summer. On top of that, I can see them moving grabner to up their defense even further, considering they won't be able to protect him in the expansion draft. It would make no sense to get another forward, so it seems likely they would trade him for a defenseman. I can see the Rangers trading him and maybe Lindberg and maybe a pick or two to Calgary for maybe dougie hamilton, considering how good calgary's defensive core already is. And finally on goaltending: the rangers have a plethora of goalie prospects, topped off by Igor Shestyorkin, who is an astounding 27-3 with a 1.58 gaa and a .940 save percentage in the khl this year.

Tyler McKnight says:

Canucks played well today…

Colseon Lamb says:

Shannon you should do a video on the rebuilds in the NHL right now, and which you think is doing the best this year, and which one is going to end up being the best, cause I'd love to hear your opinion on the rebuild that the Leafs Oilers Jets and kind of the Flames are doing. Also what teams do you think need a rebuild/retool i.e Canucks, Colorado, maybe the Bruins Rangers and Chicago?

Aidan Mullis says:

i think you are underestimating the time the chicago blackhawks have for winning stanley cups. Sure duncan keith is getting older, but i can see him playing through 38. Brent Seabrook i can see him playing through 36-37, Brian Cambell is a rental, nothing more. Also most if not all of the players the hawks need to keep are signed long term. I think there is at least another 4-6 year window for the hawks and thats not letting go of any major players

Josh Niro says:

How can you play 19 series in 4 years? Even if you went to the finals wouldn't you only play 4 series? 4×4=16. Where the playoffs different at that time? Also, I agree with you ok suter v. Burns, I think burns is pretty overrated he's basically a forward playing defence, not good in his own end at all. Suter should win the Norris easily he plays almost 30 a night and has one of the best +/- in the league still and still produces offensively, of course not on burns level but still pretty solid.

Kyle Strange says:

beiska has been the ducks worst dman by far .

Nicholas Chamoun says:

Teams that I see winning the cup imo:


Teams that will choke in the playoffs imo:


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