Top 10 NHL Goal Horns/Songs of All Time

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Who’s ready for a debate?
Today, I bring you my personal Top 10 Goal Songs in NHL history. Remember, this list is completely subjective. However, I do want your feedback. What do you think is the greatest goal song in the history of the National Hockey League? Let me know in the comments section, or make a video response… YouTube still has video responses, right?

FamousGoalHorns for providing many of the horns and/or songs. Although most of the songs were made by me, he provided most of the horns.
Check out his channel here:

Screw that, just watch the video.


WilliamSchmidNetwork says:

Don't get so used to that damn cannon, cause I plan to start a petition to get rid of it! #NoMoreCannon

jake aroonie says:

clicks on video
sees first 13 seconds
gets PTSD
leaves video

iPermanently says:

I just don't understand why don't the Canucks bring back holiday back as a full time song yes it plays when Henrik Sedin scores but it should play all the time.

BrickMaster XX says:

holiday sucks chelsea dagger should be first

Christian Nilsson says:

Brass. Bonanza.

Pez Gaming says:


chino yo says:

NEw york rangers is by far the greatest!! THATS A GOAL SONG FUCK ALL THT SOFT SHIT THAT OHHH OHHO OH


you forgot the DEVILS! !

robthepope86 says:

Couldn't help but notice a lot of Hawks footage… Playoff Dynamos for the last decade, hated and respected, often for the same reason. I Would love to see older songs like the Whalers "Brass Bonanza" make some sort of list. Nice compilation otherwise.

Garrison ilovegirls says:

fuck the jets

The YouTube kids says:

Every buddy please sub to my channel

Spencer Hoenig says:

the saint louis suck

CaltrainUnited11 says:

Why are most of these in overtime and against the hawks

EdEddnEddyonline1 says:

Let's Go Pens!!!!

XxBeastKiller69xX Mchaud says:

The Montreal Canadiens

Melissa Kidwell says:

the graetstist is vancover

Anthony Moccia says:

Lmao!!! "They have a mother fucking cannon!"

BaconMemeMachine says:

Yesssss holiday

suomalainen says:

i think blackhawks, blue jackets, sharks and coyotes' and panthers horns and songs are the best. and i like LA's horn too.

Owen Fjeldsted says:

I hate Chelsea dagger

I Heart Rangers says:

"They have a motherfucking cannon." Best reason why that horn is on this list!

mike cortivo says:

What about Boston bruins horn and song

Rasmus Skonroos says:

love how at 2:10 those 2 preds players fall exactly same time from the bench and gets up at the same time aswell xD

Zander Yates says:

I wish the Sabres goal horn (Let me clear my throat by DJ Kool) was on here, hopefully will be on the next one

Zander Yates says:

holiday was a great goal song!

itsok4410 says:

Don't sleep on Iron Maiden Wickerman WAS

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