The Ten Best Branded Teams in the NHL

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This is my list, my opinion and will likely be shared by few. Enjoy and feel free to make your own top 10 list and post it in the comments below.


Martin Latour says:

You had a sub until that shark bomb.


greenmanlll says:

So you say that the Leafs are 4th because they haven't won a cup since '67 but the sharks are #1?? I don't get it

The Hockeypedia says:

Great discussion video! Some things you might have missed:
St. Louis changed their look a lot over the course of their history. The red and gold pin stripes on their jersey in the late 90s and they were the first to hop all over the Reebok edge template with the gold piping and the collar slashes… the arched chunky text over the logo in the 70s, etc… so they've messed with their look on a few occasions. There's also that terrible jersey concept that was nixed by Mike Keenan (thank gawd). Personally, I wouldn't have rated them that high.

The Rangers went through a period in 2000-2001 where they had multiple third jerseys. They had the NYR Liberty Head jersey, the revamped diagonal Rangers text in the dark blue, then the NYPD and NYFD tribute jerseys.

To me, a solid brand is one where your image remains as iconic, transcends trends and is representative of your team now as much as the day of the initial launch:

My choices would be
1. Montreal – consistency and tradition
2. Toronto – for the most part, the same
3. Detroit – until the Stadium series, they were one of the only teams to never use an official third jersey and have always maintained their iconic red and white scheme.
4. Winnipeg Jets (new incarnation) – classy and iconic.
5. Chicago – classic look even though the primary logo is complex
6. Philadelphia Flyers – traditional and iconic – they OWN orange and black
7. New Jersey – outside of colour modifications, their logo and image has endured
8 – Boston – outside of a few missteps with third jerseys, the spoked B is an icon in itself.
9. Edmonton Oilers – they were one of the first to bring in a third jersey which wasn't that bad but never abandoned their original logo
10 – San Jose – the teal was a groundbreaking thing, and the is spot on with everything you said. The only issue I have is the constant shifting of jersey styles and imagery make it hard to establish an identity if it keeps getting modified.

Sorry for the long ass post…. LOL

Spicy Pokecheck says:

Yes thank you every time I go to a sharks hawks game they are confused to why there is so much red, and I take pride in that knowing how loyal Chicago fans are

Spicy Pokecheck says:

Knowing what you have said earlier I'm guessing sharks first but I hope you rank hawks high because they are the most watched team

Spicy Pokecheck says:

Are the Cubs not the best marketed baseball team they like sellout every game

ThatDucksFan 97 says:

I hate the sharks but that original sharks logo is a thing of Beauty and if my family didn't hate the sharks so much I would totally buy a hat or depending on the player on the back a jersey just to hang up. However I think Chicago, Detroit and Montreal have the advantage.

Jeff Micheals says:

Excellent Video, The Hockey Guy is finally back on Youtube. Can yooooouuuuu smell what the hockey guy is cooking.

nucks2233 says:

Gotta say the Canes jerseys with the Hurricane are pretty sharp. Just for pure looks. I think the criteria of success of the team shouldn't count when considering branding. The Canucks could be sweet if they got rid of the C and just used and enlarged the orca head

Colin 226 says:

Haha I knew the other team was the Devils, especially when you mentioned the whole same jerseys/logo thing. Glad we almost made the cut though!!

3van_harv.81 says:

What is the nordiques logo

Nicholas Chamoun says:

In your opinion, what would be the worst branded team?

Unkn0wnZ says:

Red wings below rangers? Alright

Craig Wirachowsky says:

Sharks? Not even top 10. Only one cup appearance.
Blues? Not even a cup appearance. Even though I like the team and jerseys. But on the list?

arturocomin19 says:

Outside America the Hawks are far more recognised than any other team. (I'm from spain) and I would say predators branding is pretty cool.

josh wiborg says:

Habs over Yanks? most iconic? idk maybe even Dallas cowboys not the habs

Chris says:

Oilers instead of blues

adzwild says:

I feel like Edmonton would crack my top 10. Glory years with Gretz, the logo rarely changed, McDavid and having to put up with the cdn dollar and small market.

dubgii says:

I agree by criteria, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim would beat out the Sharks.

Knight of Dogma says:

Recognizing the glory of muh Flyers, nice to see that from YouTubers every once and awhile. Something that no one talks about in the midst of the Oilers, Sabres, Leafs conversation about the future, is that the Flyers will have better goaltending and better defense than any of them.
D-Provorov, Ghost, Sanheim, Morin, Myers, Hagg, Alt, Friedman, Hogberg
Goal- Stolarz, Lyon, Hart, Sandstrom, Fedotov, Tomek, Madsen
If we're talking serious, I know that not all goalie prospects pan out, but Stolarz was an AHL all star, Lyon is a first year pro looking like an AHL all star (since his first 2 games he is at a .935sv%), Hart is probably going to win WHL goalie of the year, and Sandstrom is 19 playing in the SHL and winning some games.
Not to mention, the one, the only, the next late round steal…
Oskar Lindblom! 5th round pick. 6'2 nearly 200 lbs. Left Wing
SHL-8g-16a-24p +12 in 24 games played. A point a game player in the 3rd best league in the world at only 20 years old. And in a better league than Matthews was in…just sayin. Also, Lindblom is out preforming Zetterberg when he was in the SHL at the same age.

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