ST. Louis Blues – 3 @ Minnesota North Stars – 4 April 10,1993 Brett Hull Curtis Joseph Mike Modano

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Last regular season home game for the defunct Minnesota North Stars. This game had starting goalies Jon Casey versus Curtis Joseph. The Stars fell behind 2-0 but roared back to a 4-2 lead. Brett Hull scored two goals (600th point) and the Blues had Brendan Shanahan, Craig Janney, and Russ Courtnall and the Stars had Bobby Smith, Neal Broten, and Derian Hatcher. Great game….shame they had to move.


DJ Omnimaga says:

Lol the 1993 goal horn sounds like the Quebec Nordiques goal horn they used
during the 2nd half of the 1995 season and the playoffs (except the song
was different and goal horn slower)

skifusya says:

The 1992-93 North Stars were actually having a very good season when the
owner announced his intention to move the team with about 2-3 months
remaining in the season. They won 7 of their final 28 games and missed the
playoffs by 3 points.

stevienics1991 says:

This was not the last North Stars home game. They lost the last home game
to Chicago 3-2, I believe this was their last home WIN.

Chris Kreager says:

This was the closest call the Blues had to missing the playoffs during
their 25 year streak of postseason appearances

John Young says:

I stand corrected. Thanks. I hope you still liked watching the highlights
from the full game broadcast in my collection.

heather johnson says:

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