Scariest NHL goalie mask: Jacques Plante

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Take a look at the some of the scariest National Hockey League goalie masks.


Tyler Boyd says:

The second last one looks like Tony Esposito’s mask´╗┐

hTPixuhl says:


xavaxWTF says:

You know that ”Gacques” is written with a J right ??


looks like leatherface

vincent meilleur says:

FAIL Gacques plante lol

Nicolas Desjardins says:

The creator of the goalie mask

darkumbra93 says:

Wow NHL, quit clogging up my subscription box and post all these kinds of
videos into one single video!

Anklepants Skate Zine says:


Mike Walton says:

We did it all Canada ..this is history!! I love this man !

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