Nickelback – Burn It To The Ground

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Burn It To The Ground

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Craby Pat says:

his voice sounds like a beautiful hell yeah!!! authentic!!

BlaZerSquAd 20 says:

Love this song big fan of metal and rock and country lol

Dudre Dudaranovich says:

zomg one of the best songs ever…………if you don't agree than that is you prerogative

but if your prerogative is stupid than you can sux a dix lol

Arathae says:

Don't have to like the band but they've got some good tunes and they do put it on a great live show. I just wish they wrote this song before I saw them live.

Kayna Hardman says:

proud to love nickleback and super glad to have seen a picture of them branding cattle! gotta love small town life, and teachers who are related to members of the band!

Ultra Overclock says:

best song at 24.09.2016 live in Hamburg/Germany. <3 <3 <3 stamp stamp stamp

Jarosław Keller says:

Gonna see them live tonight!

Lavelle nevelle says:

tight song

Richard King says:

This song fucking rocks

BassJoga24 says:

bored as fuck

Zachary Darku says:

and they said Nickelback didn't have Fan's, WHERE!?

lexamuller muller says:

FlatOut2 anyone ? :3

Cristian Ilder Soriano Pacheco says:

Nickelback Burn It To The Ground

Pedro Segaye says:

wwe lol yup

Gamer Gronlykke says:

yaaaaaaa i like this nickelback in denmark 2016 now

Alibey Mammedov Latif says:

7 of september 2016

Jerrico71 says:

What about Volbeat’s song The Devil’s Bleeding Crown. Wow! I totally understand the fair use sampling laws that got kicked into gear basically way, way back between the issues involving Van Halen and Tone Lōc, Queen and Vanilla Ice etc but Volbeat's tune is a blatant full-blown RIP-OFF of this song “Burn it to the ground”.  Seems like some royalties should be coming Chad’s way from this.

Jessie Cox says:

you guys rock

Christian Sahir says:


ToyDogg says:

this my the best Monday Night Raw song

Jennifer Johnson says:

I would fuck,the Hell out of the lead singer

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