NHL Goalies Blow Me Away

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NHL Goalies tribute
song is Blow Me Away

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Bill Nye the Science Guy says:

Good luck, should be a great series with yall.


canucks=dog shit

BlackAndRedBlur1200 says:

Tim Thomas of Boston Bruins one of the best goalies of all time!

4232donald says:

new york rangers

ilovetheflip says:

I want Optimus Reim back!!!

bigbro3113 says:

Price is right

GoalieTributes says:

Best goalie Tribute Maker on Youtube.

fails9000 says:

This is a fricken awesome video

MrItsme33 says:

These videos give me those fifth grade boners where its not fully grown and
all the blood rushes into it and it gets all tingly

GoldandCoinCollecter says:

no quick ;´(

Konrad Mittendorf says:

Go Pens ^^

connorneshcov says:

some great goalies werent in this…..

JabeWee says:

this video is fuckin awesome. nothing more to say.

fails9000 says:

awesome video

aidan hall says:

@bluejackets97 just because the jackets are not as good as we want them to
be doesnt mean they have not had very good moments in both goaltending and
playing in general.

Bill Nye the Science Guy says:

But 0 Stanley Cups.

ChoppSucki says:

So does your grammar…

NJ DevilsGirl says:

your videos are amazing!!

hersheybearsfan21 says:

Let’s go Holtby!

Alfredo Gonzalez says:

Marty!! Marty!!!

Ryan Ternes says:

Whenever i need to get pumped up before a game.. i go to these guys

worstgoalie says:

@TheVaughnGoalie11 i disliked

chrisrogles says:

es gibt zeiten da fragt man sich warum ist man ein Goalie wenn man das
sieht weiß man es :D i try it on english i say on german: Sometimes you ask
yourselfe why you are a goalie when you see this you know it

Tyler worfette says:

@sargentallen9 you are fucking retarded!!

NHLHockeyfreak says:

1:19 should be “I have a shutout on the road”

ioana ciortea says:

this is just a great clip and thats why im a goalie

Vincent Sepe says:

One of the best goalie videos

eradanslherbe says:

@worstgoalie <---Your name just says it all - The End.

batesek says:

what the save

The Anon Intruder says:

@swaggyash yeee all about reims

spacejam327 says:


AlexanderSiasi says:

well made.. =)

crancrazy80 says:

the funny thing is that i’ve done about a third of those in two seasons of
bantam AA/AAA

Maya Gaudry says:


GAZbroG36C says:

Suck it

krangemo says:


yash jani says:

NHL Goalies Do Blow Me Away!! Especially James Reimer

bglax55 says:

lundqvist has to be the greatest goalie ever

nyrfan200 says:

just two presidents trophies in a row… but you’re right

Lyle134 says:

I added this Video as Liked and Favourited. Pretty Good Video PLEASE DO ONE

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