NHL Goalies Animal

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NHL Goalies the Animal

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Reinis Salins says:

Make more vids 

Jonsson95 says:

only american goalies… that’s all I say..

Arma2Rebel says:

wish i couold play butterfly but my knees are shit i play road standup

konfuzius16 says:

If you lose human cases and become an animal, you’re a good goalie

Foti Ginakes says:

at 3:40 what’s that clip of Luongo jumping off a clip from? CAN SOMEONE

MrBountyFresh says:

As the song is called?

Cameestewee says:

A more appropriate title is “NHL Goalie Carey Price feat. a few other clips
of some other goalies occasionally Animal”

Bazinga Baby says:

Montreal Fan?

Thor Carlton says:

@rapadmirer yeah dude it would. I love ribiero. He’ such an underrated
player. I went to see them play last night. it was a 2-0 win over the
ducks. Ha. everyone won free tacos because michael ryder scored in the 3rd

MrBeebeesee says:

Where is Brodeur, Quick, Kiprusoff, Miller, Howard, Rinne and Schneider?

TheSteven91stamkos says:

this song is terrible for the video, i think my ears are bleeding.

blackclone77 says:

no you dumbbutt its Hockey

Thor Carlton says:

@rapadmirer hahaha. He’s great, but I grew up loving Brodeur and will until
he retires (which will probably be in 1 or 2 seasons). My favorite younger
goalie is Kari Lehtonen though. Gotta love the Fins


They’re in all his videos, so you can guess that those particular goalies
are his favorite.

Thor Carlton says:

@rapadmirer nah i’m from texas. i saw that though

eznovaflow says:

Goalies are so pressured. A guy said to me, “As a goalie, your on your own.
Don’t rely on those goons in front of you, if they were smart enough to
rely on they would’ve been a goalie themselves.” Great video!

TheBobcat743b says:

true tht

samiandcodymom says:

its wierd if you play hockey you hate thare golie but you love your own

EnRgY says:

Maybe he just decided that he wants to dedicate it to those four goalies?

MAist25 says:

Sick video. Lundqvist for Vezina LGR!!!!!

Lukas Paul Schaffrath says:

does anyone know the song?!

TheDeath1117 says:

You must be blind cause I saw all of those you named.

rapadmirer says:

@DrStarscream94 um hes sht now so not anymore old man.

RG32hockey says:

@ShootnTimez thats why ryan miller, craig anderson, miika kiprussoff,
brodeur, reimer are also there… price lundqvist thomas and luongo had the
sickest highlights in 2010-2011, thats why they’re there more. But shoulda
put more pekka rinne in there!!!

michael yagubyan says:

needs way more quick he just sighned a 10 yearcontract

bicboii2323 says:

@drasteek why i love what i do

EZCompadre says:

Luongo sucks bro.

Dennis Howell says:

it’s funny how in just a year two of the four goalies you listed are pretty
much useless for their current teams.

rapadmirer says:

@DrStarscream94 Talk about it, he played sooooo welll anyways R.I.P habs
chance making playoffs fml been long time….

rianhaket says:

amazing. need more fleury :)

Seth McDermott says:

so true!

Mike Rutcosky Jr says:

It’s a shame there’s more cut scenes and other bs than actual highlights.

19five1919 says:

“They say I am unorthodox, I flop around the ice like some kind of fish. I
say, who cares as long as I stop the puck?’ – Dominik Hasek Does Thomas
stop the puck? Yes? End of story.

scooter0017 says:

another great video thanks

Thor Carlton says:

@rapadmirer hahaha. wow. and i meant to put “I’ll agree IF Carey Price
achieves as much as Brodeur.” haha typo. I admit, Price is badass, I just
grew up with Martin Brodeur and Ed Belfour being my heroes

forgetadam says:

Wow, I really like this..unique

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