NHL 16 News – MASCOT MONDAYS # 4 (All Remaining Teams!)

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Link to article: https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2015/nhl-16-team-mascots?utm_campaign=nhl16-social-global-ic-fb-team-mascots-fb-062915-text-site-ramp&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&sourceid=nhl16-social-global-ic-fb-team-mascots-fb-062915-text-site-ramp&cid=40296&ts=1435608063464&sf39034945=1

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Thumbnails done by Sykes:

Intro created by Rittman:

Other music/sfx taken from: http://www.audiomicro.com


Taylor Suzuki says:

It looks like tha bruin mascot is doing the nae nae lol

Gimme Trades says:

Nhl 16 could be the best nhl video game ever

Tim Ross says:

Harvey was a gift from Husky Oil when the flames moved to Calgary, hence why he is a dog. Also, he was the NHL's first mascot; show some respect haha.

Austin Royal says:

Carolinas is a pig because of our carolina bbq. Also i dont know if it is true but i have heard the land that the canes arena is on used to be a pig farm. +bojoeko

Jay J says:

What about montreal's mascot? Did you show that?

connor whelan says:

Never mind. I didn't go through the whole list

connor whelan says:

That's not all of them. Still don't have Vancouver, San Jose, Nashville, or Toronto

BasePuma4007 says:

LOL they still haven't added the United center into the game. I don't understand why they won't get the rights to it.

Fresh Prince of Briere says:

in the this episode of mascot Monday BOjoe roasts the other this mascots

Larry M. says:

dallas mascot is like philliesMLB

Nicholas Fon says:

the Avs mascot does make sense though. St. Bernards are the dogs used to help with the search and debris during an avalanche

Dynamic Duo says:

Xboxone hut15 giveaway?

Patrick French says:

Love Carlton!

bluejackets mascots says:

why dont put bluejackets columbus

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