NHL 15 Tips and Tricks : The Power Forward Move (Puck Possession)

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Derock Doe says:

Is it actually GOOD. Or is it corny and cheap?

Simply Brix says:

what skill level are you playing??? rookie? this won’t work online against
skilled opponents. 

Terry Gaylord says:

Look up the definition of the word essentially. You over use it alot and
you dont even use it correctly

Tim Comerford says:

Its “High percentage” jeez.

Jonathan Bouchard says:

worst passer ever lol ! I hope u don’t do that all the time all of your

Ronan Telford says:

Its like an infomercial LOL

Bogdan Cafengiu says:

How exactly do u do the power forward move?

bizboy5 says:

High percentage shot?….

You have any tips on winning a faceoff?….or a breakdown of the different
button combos for faceoffs? My opponents almost always double me up in
faceoffs won..

Austin Strain says:

go blues!

DaProdigyX19 says:

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