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Can we get 200 likes? I appreciate all of your support on my videos! I hope you guys enjoyed this NHL 15 Player Ratings Top 5 Goalies video! Make sure to stay tuned for more NHL 14 videos and NHL 15 news! Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

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This video covers:
NHL 15 Top 5 Goalies
NHL 15 Player Ratings
NHL 15 Goalie Ratings
NHL 15 Next Gen
NHL 15 Screenshots

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TacTixHD says:

Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Let me know your thoughts on the NHL 15
Top 5 goalies! :)

z5Down2uPz5 says:

It pisses me off that Lunqvist is te Top 1 goalie.. I understand maybe 3rd
but 1st.. it should be IMO:

Top5 Pekka Rinne 90ovr
Top4 Henrik Lunqvist 91ovr
Top3 Tuukka Rask 91-92ovr
Top2 Corey Price 92ovr
Top1 Jonathan Quick 92-93ovr

This way there would not be any “OP” goalies with super high overall.

~Cyanide~ says:

My Top 5:
5. Rinne – 90
4. Rask – 91
3. Lundqvist – 93
2. Price – 94
1. Quick – 94

DiPietro – 99

Formuliss says:

Quick choked in playoffs, he should be a 90 overall

designermetal1 says:

The first thing I’m going to do when I get that game is make Price an 93 or
94 overall because if you watched the playoffs he clearly outplayed Rask
during the Boston-Montreal series.

low budget Russ Tv says:

My Top 5

89 Anti Niemi (feel he’s underrated)

90 Luongo (feel he’s overrated)

91 Lundquivst

91 Price

93 J Quick

Jerome says:

Another vote for Helene Elliott. Informative and well written, wiouhtt the overwrought, purple prose and cliches that infest so much sports writing (in every sport, unfortunately). And I normally don’t visit ESPN.com, but Scott Burnside is really good.

l3477L3FI3LD3 says:

Luongo 86
Bobrovsky 87
Varalomov 87
Bishop 88
Miller 89
Rinne 91
Rask 92
Price 92
Quick 93
Lundqvist 93

Angel says:

Oh man no love for the Midway! This kind of thing is right in my wheelhouse, being born in 84 I’m thinnikg you’re a bit older? Games like this that used oversized sprites and had lightning-fast gameplay were the hot new thing that were coming out at my most impressionable age (nostalgia-wise), so to me, this is like, the bees knees. To be fair though you are right in that you really need some mates and some drinks to properly enjoy it.

louis troxler says:

As a hawks fan

1. Lundqvist 94
2. Price 93
3. Rask 92
4. Quick 92
5. Rinne 90

Uche says:

The CPU will pass the ball to you ONLY if you press the pass buottn. And you can make him shoot if you press the shoot buottn, though I believe he will shoot anyway if he finds it’s a good spot to shoot.This game was based on NBA Jam. They tried to do the same to hockey that they had done with Basketball with NBA Jam.

Ethan says:

I think 5 should be miller instead of Rinne 

Vilakone says:

Went to a hockey game, and a boinxg match broke out.Or is it the other way around?It does remind me though of a Chicago Wolves (hockey) game where there were three or four fights within seconds of each other. The penalty box really started to get full at a certain point.

Jarvan IV says:

As a kings fan
5. Pekka Rinne 90
4. Carey price 91
3. Jonathan Quick 92
2. Henrik Lunqvist 92
1. Tuukka Rask 93

David Bertrand says:

84 Halak, Holtby’ Hiller, Andersen
85 Bernier, Fleury, Lethonen, Hading, Mason
86 Crawford, Shneider, Bishop, Luongo, Howard
87 ward, smith, niemi, Varlamov, Bobrovsy, Miller
88 rinne
89 Rask
91 Lundqvist
92 Price, Quick

VintageApple12 says:

This list is so wrong… This should be the top ten goalies…
5. Karri Ramo 95 overall
4. Viktor Fasth 96 overall
3. Tim Thomas 97 overall
2. Rick Dipeitro 98 overall
And.. For 1 the one, the only…….. ILYA BRYZGALOV!!!!!!!!!!

Nobro Fryssen says:

Pretty good overall’s, just the Rinne one. Not sure about that one but it
might be accurate 

Zan Boshcoff says:

Top 10 In My Opinion:

10. Corey Crawford
9. Marc-Andre Fleury
8. Ryan Miller
7. Mike Smith
6. Cam Ward
5. Pekka Rinne
4. Tukka Rask
3. Henrik Lundqvist
2. Carey Price
1. Jonathan Quick

Anyone Agree?

Matt Wozniak says:

Rinne should not be on this list, the guy was injured for most of the

Dan Moffler says:

lundy 93 quick 93 rask 92 price 91 miller 89 bishop 88 schneider 88

trampolinemontage says:

Ea is retarded they put Bauer upside down on the kings pads

RasorShoTz says:

i want them to release top 10 for each position, they have been delaying
this too much

Marcelo says:

I love this game (I love all the Midway wolf unit games) and have the PCb never played it in MAME.I agree that this is not a game that can have rdroces (similarly NBA Jam shouldn’t have rdroces) For a start the teams are weighted so I pretty sure the NJ Devils are considered the best in the gameI made it to and won the Stanley Cup using the St Louis Blue Notes ( a mid range team) As for CPU passing i remember that if you hit pass when the CPU player has the puck they should pass it to you A great game for hockey nostlagists

70morrissey says:

People never understand that Quick has to go up against the hardest teams
in the NHL, he’s a beast 

xTotalDomination says:

How is Semyon Varlamov not on this list?

Scout Mason says:

Where’s Hamilton wolverines gm mode

frankie rizzi says:

these I think are a little bit to high

Moon says:

OK, the soccer piuctres took a while on my bandwidth, so I just finished looking at them. It looks like she is doing really well! I am so proud of her. I miss you guys, wish I could be at the games with you!Love,T

RipStikSnyper19cal says:

I hope they replicate Rinne blocker skill he has the best blocker in the
league IMO I was surprised they pointed out his glove hand stat instead of
his blocker

HockeyBoy13 says:

My top 5: ( as a pens fan)
1.lundy- 94

Daniel Viner says:

I agree with the list just drop everyone’s overall by one

Aidan Scanlon says:

Hank has a new helmet 

Veli4737 says:

Did you watch Rinne in the world championships, he was lights out, no
suprise being 91 overall

ande991 says:

My top 5

Bobrovsky 89
Rinne 90
Quick 91
Rask 92
Lundqvist 92

Evan Kelley says:

#kinghenrik #therealhankthetank #gorangers #bleedblue

Mohid Ahmed says:

Price should be 94

riley.ripa says:

Lundvquist is wayyyyyy over rated in my opinion, I think Quick and Lund
should be swapped, 

eshan dhillon says:


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