NHL 15: Live the Life Goalie Returns!! – Ep. 1

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Thanks for watching guys! :)
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HRB Gaming says:

Awesome now go study for mid term lol:)

Colton Miku says:

Btw there is this really weird glitch that happens when you’re in player
growth and you upgrade than after go to hockey shop and then go back to
player growth all the exp you spent well be lost and you’ll be back to
the overall you were before! if you want to apply upgrades from the hockey
shop select it from the my pro menu 

Craig seymour says:

First yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

MrRevelation says:

Great video dude! can’t wait for more.

Froggie studios Gaming says:

The team did betters his year and the NHL last year did so bad lol

Froggie studios Gaming says:

Hey man you did better than last year lol =)

Himanshu Manhas says:

Should have just played nhl 14 lol

Scott smith says:

I really wish they added Reilly macrae to this game he is a Lake Erie otter
number 36 he goes to my hockey class wish I could use him in the game
making him in it just is not the same 

Froggie studios Gaming says:

I love these videos lol

Luke Dennis says:

Live the life goalie is hard cause the shots are faster this year

Himanshu Manhas says:

Nice video can’t wait for the sens gm

CPTConzandTericzar says:

LB + select to automatically pull goalie :)

Kicwill Of Minecraft says:

MTL series dropped? If so, the only thing I will drop is the base. On your
face. wubwubwubnahnahnah WUBWEEEE

JAR Gaming says:

I’m a big sens fan when will u be starting ur gm mode can’t wait 

Froggie studios Gaming says:

10:21 was so funny

Anthony Widmer says:

its baack !!!!!!

Froggie studios Gaming says:

Good shoutout 1st

Froggie studios Gaming says:

Ha ha

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