NHL 15 Be A Pro Goalie: “CAN I START?!?” (NHL 15 Gameplay)

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My first episode in the be a pro mode! Hope you guys enjoyed! Check out the links below!
Twitter – twitter.com/itsdrizzy42
Twitch – twitch.tv/drizzy42
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Nichy D. says:

my moms birthday is july 15 and my sisters is july 16 and mine is july 21.

SLproductionsGaming says:

I did a goalie one and I have a S5 of 0.954 and it didn’t save so I quite

Israel Simpson says:

this mode is sick it pissed me off you cant customize your own pads i was
really looking foward to that, but once you do start you will play like
everyother game, i scored an empty netter yesterday with my goalie, you can
check it out on channel

Blazer VS Gaming says:

My birthday is july 24

Israel Simpson says:

mines july 26th

Blazer VS Gaming says:


Blazer VS Gaming says:

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