NHL 13: Abu Schmuck – Player Creation and First Full Game – Episode 1

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Christopher Cobian says:

I got drafted the 1 overall pick by the kings

The Bagel 3 says:

on my first game (posted soon) i had a slap shot and broke glass

The Bagel 3 says:

in my first game i won 23-13

Cole Yorko says:

how did you do that (piz anyone respond)


the most Imy team scored was 9 and I got 5 goals

Baby Jesus says:

You are amazing

ethan howard says:

puccie ur on pro boooo i play on superstar

ethan howard says:

Y is to fight and check pass button is to call 4 it when u dont have the puck

paul uming says:

Go knights Go

Pat Fawbush says:

5:37 what in the world

Connor Allen says:

U r awesome

Joe Howe says:

You can fight

J.T. Holmes says:

Can you fight on this game?

Superkiller says:

Press circle or sqaure or something/
when u get a goal

Blowthru ThaGamer says:

Great Graphics

Pops Brink says:

I was a big hockey fan till they went on strike for the second time? I like the video.

Valujo says:

when is the next be a pro out?

PopeJohnyy says:

How do u do that

aaron lockwood says:

this dudes birthday is the day before mine lol

Dylan Snow says:

I would like, but you said that. XD

donutboy2497 says:

i wonder whos gonna be the first asshole to dislike

Connor Chevrette says:

Good job get open more and you will be scoring more

Luke Starbinski says:

You obviously know nothing about hockey

DavidBackes42 says:

RT to call for puck

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