Making of Berra Mask (Swiss-German)

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A ‘Making Of’, made by TELECLUB (Swiss TV), about our latest Goalie-Mask-Generation, the RXS mask. Here shown is a RXS Daytona ’68 Custom Pro Mask for Reto Berra for his NHL debut .
A view behind the curtain at Airxess: how we make our own goalie masks and how to throw some colors on with the airbrush.
All made in our store at Airxess, Bern, Switzerland


efilperpenfuhrer says:

Hoho! I remember when I was a kid goalie back in the 60’s, and my older
brother made a goalie mask for me made out of a plastic, orange Halloween
pumpkin for putting candy in. He cut the mask out with nice eye holes and
little breathing holes, then added hefty sponge padding and a head strap.
He would shoot on me out in the back yard. The crazy pumpkin mask was
better than nothing because it saved my face from injury a few times. Kids!

Billy Ramirez says:

I didn’t understand a word of it, but I enjoyed all of it!

Esthi Hunziker says:

Genial das Video…!!!

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