Las Vegas Black Knights NHL Team Concept

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Las Vegas Black Knights NHL Team Concept


Brian Wells says:

No NHL Team for Las Vegas

Mason Schedewitz says:

This works 

Stephen Herzig says:

You have done a great job. If you have not heard the owner has placed the proposal under Black Knight Sports. I would say that it is a 95% chance that the team will be called the Black Knights. Would like to use , and show off some of your work in a new blog I am starting for the team. Hope to hear from you. GO Knights

MarioSpeedWagon says:

I'm the guy on HF that keeps fixating on them team being called Black Knights instead of just Knights haha.

Thought I'd give my ratings if you care

BK flag logo: hate it 1/10

Vegas Star logo: didn't realize it's meaning at first, was a 6/10, now an 8/10, think I hate the font and would prefer a less cartoony sword. Concept I'm all for now understanding its purpose.

Knight Shield logo: sweet 8/10

Knight flag logo: perfect 10/10

Battle born logo: is this for a children's affiliation? Serious question 2/10. Curious to see a more serious take.

Chess Knight logo: sweet concept, I'd love to see another execution of it though 8/10

Skating knight: unless another children's connection, 3/10

Mascots: 8/10

Coming outta the castle is very cool idea. I had envisioned them coming out of "THE BLACK GATE" myself. It being all dramatic and epic music, falls down to a loud boom and smoke machine rises like dust. definitely a tradition that can stick.

Throwing chess piece Knights onto the ice comes to mind too. For hattricks or just ored wing octopus similarities.

Gregory Smith says:

0:09 and 0:24 are great concept logos, but I'm not quite sure I like the colors. Cool name for a team though. Nice Job!!!

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