CBJ Worst Team in Hockey – NHL 16 – Shootout Commentary ep. 12

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The Blue Jackets are off to their worst start in franchise history. Let’s talk about this in this NHL 16 Shootout Commentary

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Andrew Weiss Weiss says:

why do they get less games??

blockland30 says:

Why does Columbus only get 76 games a year

BmanHasSnipes says:

Don't worry. Torts is here to save us

Rinalds K says:

76-6-0 Columbus at the end of the season

wendy dang says:

talk about CBJ new head coach… stupid John Totorella

WasThatCamNewton says:

They got Torts! HA!

Xander Lufkin says:

Do a video on the head coach change for cbj

John Tortorella says:

I mean….75-7-0 isn't a bad record….right?

Ethan Johnson says:

This is finally the Capitals' year. Been waiting forever.

movieandgames599 says:

I can't believe that Bobrovsky actually won a vezina at some point. Worst starting goalie in the league.

Yahiko25 says:

How do you feel now that John Tortorella is CBJ's new head coach?

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