1 Hour NHL Hockey Brawls Compilation

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Hope you guys like it!
Not the best, just some of my favorites!

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JoshDone says:

The Sedins are fucking wussies. They can’t handle the North American style
of play and they couldn’t handle Tortorella. who held them accountable for
their faggotry. 

Will Prapestis says:

The first 12 minutes — EVERY TEAM SHOULD TAKE NOTE. The Bruins are a bunch
of ‘roid-raging goons; useless alpha males who always need to puff up their
chests. Get under their skin and watch them self-destruct. Brilliant.

dennydog10 says:

Why did you put “Alberta” Flames? It’s the CALGARY Flames.

AdmiralOddSock says:

I swear the Boston announce team are the most one sided retards ever!

David Dunn says:

Seriously vfuck the Boston commentators

Allan Lamothe says:

I enjoyed the full hour of this . Thanks for sharing Nathan

wearefattys says:

The Boston commentator is actually a fucking idiot 

bochafish says:

Loved those mid 90’s Avs vs. Detroit games. They were intense! The
Blackhawks sucked, was always rooting for the avs!

Patrick Papineau says:

Question: what animal has no brain ? The Boston Bruins players.

TheFashioncore says:

Boston such a shithole of a fucking team, goons and brawlers and no real
players, please disband Boston so that real hockey can be played.

aaronjo14 says:

Jack edwards is a piece of shit

August Hurford says:

Good vid

DirtyMeatball says:

Bloody Wednesday was the one I was waiting for

shazzam k says:

lucic throwing punches at ponakarovsky……way to go stud

sammy11232003 . says:

torterella is an asshole he is going to have a heart attack and I must say
I won’t be sad about it!

sammy11232003 . says:

canucks suck big time!

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